Release History

0.9 2005-08-24
0.8 2005-08-09
0.7 2004-11-15

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Release 0.9 - 2005-08-24

fix Removed the page action execution tail recursion. Fixes 1256759. thiagohp
fix Sinon now handles binary files correctly (both downloading and writing to file). Fixes 1268857. thiagohp
add Added method String getCurrentBytes()to class CollectorExecutor. This enables listeners to retrive downloaded documents in binary form. thiagohp

Release 0.8 - 2005-08-09

add Added DTD. thiagohp
fix Translated all source code from Portuguese to English. thiagohp
fix Changed the local file URL prefix from file://to file:/. thiagohp

Release 0.7 - 2004-11-15

add Initial version. thiagohp